The new floor experience for your customer

View floors directly in your own environment in AR. Without installing an additional app.

Easy to use

The customer snaps a picture of their room, and our AI takes care of it.

Flexible settings

Quickly choose a different floor covering, a different laying pattern, the thickness of your grout and much more.

Supports new technology

Devices with depth cameras and LiDAR scanners complete the experience by letting you step through your room in 3D on the new floor.

No additional installation

Our solution is web-based. Your customer doesn't need to download any apps and can get started right away.

Build an experience space in your showroom

Stick QR codes with a link to our application on all your tiles. Provide a space and possibly a device with a depth camera for your visitors where they can try out these tiles.


All functionality for
€ 3000 per year*

We choose a simple pricing model that benefits everyone. Only 1 invoice per year to use our service non stop.

What do you get for it?

Unlimited use

Upload unlimited tiles and get as many visitors as you like.

Experience room

We are happy to help you set up an experience area in your showroom and what you need for it.


Modified to your style and easy to implement in your existing website.

Leads in your mailbox

Customers can easily request info about their favourite products.


We can help you upload your tiles, manage them and even integrate them into your website. It's included in the price.

Automatic Updates

All new functionality will be delivered automatically.

*Only valid for retailers with a maximum of 5 points of sale. Need more outlets? Please contact us.

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